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The Halifax Forum Community Association consists of a Board of Directors and a management team that operates, promotes and manages the day to day activities of the Forum Complex. The Forum Complex has 5 venues which can operate independently or flow through each other for larger events. The venues are the Halifax Forum, the Civic Centre, the Multi-Purpose Centre, the Maritime Hall and the Bingo Gaming Centre.

The Halifax Forum is truly a piece of Maritime History. Built in 1927 to a high standard it is perhaps the last of its kind in the world. Its arena floor offers 16,000 square feet of exhibit space with an additional 5,500 square feet throughout the concourse.

The Forum features reserved seating for 4,610 in a 180 degree set plus add an additional 1,250 on the floor for a non-ice event. Eight recently renovated dressing rooms, new ice deck, new concourse flooring, new stage, new heating and dehumidification systems, a new security system and 500 parking spaces in a downtown location make this venue an ideal choice for your next event.
Ample Parking
500 cars on site (avoid the downtown parking problem).
Book a wedding, dance, meeting, ice rental, banquet, car show, craft show, trade show, sporting events - large or small - we can accommodate all!
Management and Forum Commission will negotiate fair and reasonable rental prices for all events.
Management has solid background to assist organizers for any size booking.
Ice Surface
Two regulation ice surfaces, excellent facilities for hockey tournaments, figure skating, etc.
Year-Round Facility
Open 363 days a year to accommodate your special event.
Canteen & Bar
Excellent canteen and bar facilities in all three buildings.
Available to any group, regardless of size.
Box Office
Box office staff are fully trained with many years of experience.
Buildings are fully secured during events.
Forum: 6000
Civic Centre: 1700
Multi-Purpose: 1000
Additional Info
Wheel chair accessible
Forklift - 5000lb. capacity
Staging - various sizes
Experienced house staff
Maritime Hall
$800 per day
Multi-Purpose Centre
$3,000 per day
Forum/Civic (concert/sports event)
$3,300 building rental + 10% of gate.
Bulk ice time to be quoted by our ice coordinator
Retail (no sevices)
Support Charges
Credit Card Charge
Box Office
Etixnow - Surcharge
$17 per hour
Washroom Attendants
$15 per hour
Ticket Takers
$15 per hour
Event Support Staff
$35 per hour
Ice cover (up and down)
Remove East and West Glass
$1,000 for the short glass and $2,000 for the tall glass. Usually no requirement to remove tall North Glass
Stage MPC (up and down)
$2.25 per square foot
$2.25 per square foot
Forklift (includes Operator)
$80.00 per hour
Ticket printing
Consignment/Comp tickets only are 0.15 cents per ticket printed
City Police
$75 per hour per Constable. $ 85.00 for Sergents
By Contract
At Cost plus 10%
At Cost
Free wifi access. High speed internet $275
15% on all charges
Metropolitan Authority
$100-$ 500 per show day per building
Cardboard Disposal
$100 -$200 per show day per building
Exhibit / Display Power Distribution
$ 50 per dedicated 110v duplex receptacle distributed at requested location
110 volt plug-in charge
$25 per. Usage of existing receptacles
Electrical Charge
Metered at Source (Concert/Trade Show)
$19 per hour per guard plus supervisor if the call is over 4 guards
$5.00 each
$1.00 each
Set up
to be quoted
Clean up
$250 - $1,000 per day per building
Lock and Event Keys
$100 deposit required for all keys
Curtain rental - $1.50 / linear foot
** Please note - rental rates increase by 50% on statuatory holidays.
All staff, security and police are charged at a 4 hour minimum per person
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Thank you for your interest in renting a facility of the Halifax Forum Community Association (HFCA). This application must be completed by all new lessees of the HFCA. This application is subject to review by the HFCA rental committee to determine if a rental agreement is to be prepared by the HFCA. The submission of this application does not constitute a facility hold. Only when this application is approved signed and returned by the HFCA to the applicant can a hold status be given.

For events that do not have a feature performer but are more of an activity ie. Trade shows, consumer shows, conferences, competitions, sales, or other… describe your event or any special circumstances for your proposed event.

What is the age range that your proposed event will attract

Terms and Policies:

It is understood that this document is an application for space and dates only and does not bind either party.  No dates/space will be held until this application is reviewed by the HFCA and a signed copy is approved and returned to the applicant. The HFCA and the applicant agree that no announcement of this date and no publicity of this proposed event be permitted by either party until a fully executed rental contract is in place.

  1. All applicants entering into a rental agreement with the HFCA must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. No rentals shall extend beyond 2:00 am. Entertainment will end at 1:00am, at the latest.
  3. Sunday night D.J. or stage acts are to abide by a 11:00 p.m. curfew.
  4. The applicant is not permitted to bring any alcohol onto the premises of the HFCA.
  5. Smoking is prohibited inside the facilities of the HFCA. Any smoking outside must abide by the HRM by-laws.
  6. HFCA reserves the right to require the renter to provide adequate security or police protection at all times during the rental period. The level of security will be determined by HFCA management and if necessary a consultation with HRM Police.
  7. Rental time includes set up, activity and general clean up. The renter is responsible to remove all decorations promptly after the event.  The renter will incur a disposal fee should any “material” amount of cardboard or trash be left in the facility for the HFCA to dispose of.
  8. HFCA is not responsible for loss, damaged or stolen event equipment or personal belongings during or subsequent to the rental hours.
  9. Renter will be responsible and charged with any damages to the facility during rental hours.
  10.  All events are subject to an on-site inspection by HFCA management or staff.

By Clicking submit you are agreeing to these terms and is accepting the associated responsibilities. The submitter assures the HFCA that they are an authorized officer of the principal applicant. Further, by submitting this document the submitter gives the HFCA permission to verify any facts or references stated on this application.

Yes I Agree
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