The Forum and Civic Arenas are currently open to the public to rent ice. 

Please email to get more information on restrictions and procedures for ice rentals at this time.

If you’d like to request ice times, please click the ‘Online Ice Request‘ button at the top of the page.





  1. Rink access is 15 minutes before scheduled time.
  2. Masks are required to and from dressing rooms until helmets are put on.
  3. Participants must hand sanitize before entering.
  4. Participants must stay in dressing room until ice time begins (no warm-ups in halls or other common areas).
  5. Doors will lock when rental time begins.
  6. Showers are now available.
  7. Participants must exit within 25 minutes of leaving the ice.


  1. Rink access is 5 minutes before scheduled time.
  2. The ice rental group has full control on spectator access and must have a representative at the door admitting people up to a maximum of 50. This is NOT the responsibility of Forum staff.  Failure of rental group to properly administer this will result in no spectator access.
  3. Spectators must properly wear a mask at all times while in the facility.
  4. Spectators must hand sanitize before entering.
  5. Spectators must make every effort to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet while inside the facility.
  6. No food or drink permitted.
  7. No re-entry.
  8. Spectators are not allowed in dressing rooms.
  9. Spectators must exit the facility within 5 minutes of their participant leaving the ice.





Rink Guidelines from HRM

Please click the button to read the Rink Guidelines from HRM taking effect on October 1st, 2020