Redevelopment Project


HRM is planning to redevelop the Halifax Forum.
The proposed plans include the preserved façade of Halifax Forum Arena, two ice surfaces, multipurpose and event space, expansive concourse to support facility connectivity and programming, a new greenspace, and parking for approximately 150 vehicles.


To access the HRM page specific to the Forum Redevelopment, please click the following link:

Halifax Forum Renovation | Halifax

15.1.7 Halifax Forum Building Analysis – Amended motion approved that Halifax Regional Council:

  1. Approve the redevelopment approach for the Halifax Forum complex as outlined in the staff report dated November 12, 2019, including the restoration of the Halifax Forum in accordance with the Heritage Property Act, for the development of a second arena, multi-purpose/event space, parking, and greenspace;
  2. Direct the Chief Administrative Officer to:
  3. a) engage with the Halifax Forum Community Association to determine the size and composition of the multi-purpose space on the basis of it being primarily for community events and uses as outlined in the staff report
  4. b) determine the potential for partnerships on the Halifax Forum complex lands for private mixed-use development, as outlined in the staff report dated November 12, 2019; and report back to Regional Council;
  5. Subsequent to exploring partnership opportunities, direct the Chief Administrative Officer to include funds in the 2021/2022 capital budget.
  6. Engage the public in partnership with the HFCA to receive feedback on the proposed design during the time of investigation of potential partnerships.